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Free Shipping for Orders Over $69.99!
Free Shipping for Orders Over $69.99!

Refund Policy

If the item(s) which you receive is damaged, different, or does not work, you will be protected by this warranty.

1.If you want a refund or replacement. How to proceed it?

1) Contact us within 4 days of receiving the product. And, please also send the below to us:
   -The photo or video which shows the problem
   -The photo of the original shipping and packing label
  -Notify us if you prefer a refund or replacement

2) We will review your claim and contact you if more information needed.

3) If approved, the refund or replacement of the defective product will be arranged to you, and you may need to return the goods. We will be responsible for the returning shipping costs.

2. Shall I send back the item to Benken?

1) Only high-value products must be returned.

Our customer service team will determine if it’s "High Value" or not. Or, generally, the items worth $ 50 or more will be defined as “High Value”.

For others, our service support will tell you if need to return it or keep the defective product.

If the product is asked to return, we will discuss with you the most cost-effective way to return and will give you complete instruction, including our return shipping address.

If we need you to return a DOA item, we will responsible for the returning shipping costs.

2) Where do I send the returns?

-Items must be returned to the warehouse where they sent from.

-If it’s purchase at a local store, please contact them the store for the return.

-While, if it’s purchased at a warehouse abroad, where you can not return the defective product to a local store please contact our customer service team for help.

(Benken customer service team:


3. Do I need to return all of its components or just the defective part?

Unless otherwise agreed, you must return the item, as well as its original packaging and all accessories, such as batteries, cables, chargers and, etc.

If the component, accessory or spare part is missing, you will be requested to pay it.